I sold 1 of my 3 cars the other day, and paid back my debt, and I have $500AUD (~$300USD for the purpose of music equipment). I know that if i dont spend it I will end up blowing it on useless crap.

I cant decide what to buy, i have 2 guitars, an epi that ive done up with emgs, gotoh 510s, bone nut etc, and an RG1570 thats stock, i also have a Randall RG50TC with JJ's and a V30 and another decent Randall SS. I have a Fulltone OCD, and a quality old school Morley Wah, and a few decent accoustics. I like playing metal, as well as some rock such as GNR etc. I am not a big fan of digital effects, but may consider going down that road one day.

What are some things that I should consider buying for this amount of money? I know it is to little to get a decent amp or guitar, so i kinda dont know what to buy, the best thing i can think of would be a decent keyboard so i can start getting back into the piano,

Anyway, any suggestions of "must haves" for the guitar would be great, cheers.
RG's & Mesa's
The only thing you could upgrade on the Ibanez would be the pickups, but tbh i think Ibanez stock pickups (on any guitar more than 700$ are ok...

Sounds like keyboard is the way to go for you

Oooooh get a Pod of sorts... OR a recording interface!! With 300 you could buy a Shure SM57 and a recording interface for the PC.
Hmm yeah if i go to the store, I will end up blowing it on some stupid crap like a $300 lead or something. Yeah i had 3 cars, just sold the nicest one. I also have a worthless 70's BMW that i have restored and an unregistered monster truck
RG's & Mesa's
first just get on craigslist/ebay and see what you can find there. if I had $300 i would buy the digitech rp500 and play around on the millions of effects on it.