well iv decided to change my amp b4 i mess with my pickups. currently have a line 6 spider 3, which i bought when i first started playing guitar. i cant really have a huge expensive amp as its only going in my bedroom. any suggestions? iv been looking at both the peavey bandit and peavey envoy, anyone have either of these? cheers
Peavey Vypyr will be the way to go for you matey. Theres nothing better before you go to Valve.
You may want to try out Vox's valvetronix amps also. I've owned the AD100VT for almost a year now and I feel the same way about my Vox: "There's nothing better before you go to valve." So its a matter of preference (tone, features, power, price....)
ok cheers, so whats the difference between a valve amp and an ordinary amp? can you get 30-50 watt valve amps that will sound much better than my spider 3? no point me buying an amp that will only be good for a few months, may aswell spend the extra and get a much better amp that will do the job properly! cheers