okay so today i started year 12
at the end of last year they gave us homework to do over the 10 week holidays

i forgot about it!
and its due tomorrow

i have no idea what to write about

so i thought i'd see what everyone else thinks
Hahah, nice job
Maybe write about a book, an experience, guitar, anything really, but get writing!
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Be more specific about what your assignment is?

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Be more specific about what your assignment is?

well, the teacher just said it has to be a narrative, no word limit

so it could probably be only like a page or so?

and yeah thats about all i know about it
Go purchase some Icyhot and apply it to you penis.

Write your story about that, and you'll get A++ out of sympathy.
How bout this..
Get the each person in the thread to say a word..
And use those words to construct a story
Homework over the Christmas holidays?

They can do that?

Ha, silly school-types.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
start to write about a true story but then add exaggerations and such to make it entertaining. Just don't make it too elaborate.
Sometimes before my english class gets going, my teacher gives us like 10 minutes to write a short story or something for extra credit. I incorporate Chuck Norris into all of my short stories.

I re-wrote the "tortoise and the hare" to a version where at the end of the race, Chuck Norris is inside a cage. The tortoise wins, and then flips a switch so Chuck Norris flies out and beats the crap out of the Hare. I also wrote in verse form so it rhymed. My teacher liked it so much that she said if I typed it up and turned it in, she'd count it as a major paper.

I suggest starting with Chuck Norris.
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