I am going to Los Angeles next summer (im from Finland) and i think i'll buy a guitar there becouse they cost a lot less there than in Finland. Now, i dont know what stores sell ESP and where they are and such, i couldn't find ESP/LTD on guitar centers site. I tried to look into the dealers list in ESPs site but the places arent named Los Angeles but some smaller areas in it, i knew some but not all and many of those didn't have a website either so i could see what they're like. So, where can i get ESPs / LTDs?
Guitar Center doesn't sell Esp or Ltds. But Musicians Friend does and they're associated with Guitar Center. But might as well Just go to Sam Ash, they carry ESP. There is a Sam Ash in a place called La Puente like 25 mins from Hollywood. I just bought my ESP Viper 400 from there. It's Purdy. Idk if there is one closer to L.A.
i have checked some sites(the ones that seemed most relevant) from google and pretty much all of them were custom made / acoustic guitar shops