hey anyone know some good punk rock like bands with descent bass lines
fe : alkaline trio, anti flag, rancid..

need some new stuff =)
damn, was gonna say all those.... check out some more ska-y bands. tend to have cool bass parts

Real Big Fish
Less Than Jake
Sonic boom six

regualr ska people will crucify me for my lack of knowledge but I dont listen to much punk at all
If you're willing to go a bit more hardcore, At The Drive-In, Glassjaw and (if you consider them hardcore) the Fall of Troy all have very good bassists.

Similarly, if you go in the opposite direction, the Taking Back Sunday bassist is quite good (but they're not all that punk in most people's eyes).

That's probably not helped at all...kudos on the A3 reference though.
Alk3 have a cool Bassist, but Chris 2 from Anti-Flag puts anyone to shame,

try Bring out Your Dead

almost anything from their older songs rocks!
If your willing to go into ska-punk choking victim have some awesome basslines. Five finger discount, infested and 500 channels are all quite good CV songs. Operation ivy are also quite good (same bassist as rancid) bombshell and yellin' in my ear are my favourites. Gang control by leftover crack (originally morning glory) is quite a cool one too.

Not an amazing band but pennywise have some ok basslines such as society and time to burn.

Subhumans have a few decent ones, no is probably the coolest, I still haven't figured it out completely though it's quite tricky.