Hello guys,

Just some quick questions about Cubase. I have never tried it but I have read some stuffs... apparently is a program similar to Guitar Pro (of course more professional) where you can compose songs, right? Can I compose a metal song? Do computer-generated guitars sound good, or crappy digital? I just need guitars, bass, drums and maybe a piano/keyboard. I will NOT record anything (all instruments will be computer-generated). Is it a good program for this?
Well, yes if you have a lot of money to spend first on the program and then on all the instruments as vst plugins. You'll have a real job trying to find a convincing guitar as well, although RealStrat is supposed to be great, it takes a lot of programming and it costs a fair whack.

Why don't you want to record anything ?
There is poetry in despair.
Cubase is capable of all this, but it's not gonna be very easy or sound very good unless you spend lots of money and have a high end computer.