I have a humidifier I use for room comfort ,but in few days it is also going to help with the guitar I am getting. My one question is my tap water is pretty hard and the humidifier makes white powder get on stuff like glass. Would the tap water minerals in the air be bad for my guitar?
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I'd suggest keeping it in a case it could harm it and for sure it'll get it dirty.
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Yeah. You should only use use distilled water. Also, make sure you're careful with the room humidifier. Things can go equally bad from over humidifying.
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Inanimate objects such as your guitar won't be harmed. It's yourself that you should be worrying about. That dust is getting into your lungs.

The water where I live is pretty hard, and I haven't had problems with dust. What kind of humidifier do you have? Maybe it's time to change the filter?