Hey everyone, I'm looking to start a band thats primarily metalcore/progressive.
I've been playing guitar for about 5 years now and I have the contacts and drive to be out there making music.
My sister's fiance owns a booking/promotions/management company and does very good work so that makes things MUCH simpler.
a link to the style that I am thinking is here


Those are very rough audacity recordings i did in half an hour.
Any theft of my tunes will be severely dealt with.

If you are interested, please reply back. Currently looking for vox(scream and sing) rhythm guitar, bass if youre good enough, and drums.
Serious replies only please. Recordings of yourself would be helpful.


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Hi, I'm in Oakville for school right now but I live in Whitby, in terms of style I lean more to prog/power/thrash metal, I love playing rhythm guitar (both electric and acoustic parts), I am writing a few songs on guitar pro, keep in mind that if I record myself it will be with my strat and not my ibanez, and if you'd like I will play parts from the songs I'm writing, but it may be a while 'till I can record myself since I need to install a recording program and get my patch cord for amplitude. If that's cool with you then message me back and add my email (which I'll give to you).