me n my friend are organising a pub cover band, any suggestions for songs?

we're just looking for popular songs that everyone will know, some oldies, new, bit of everything
we've got this so far...

1. Umbrella – rhianna
2. Summer of 69
3. Am i ever gonna see your face again? – the angels
4. Monkey wrench – Foo Fighters
5. Scar tissue – chilli peppers
6. Last kiss – pearl jam
7. Turn back time – cher
8. Prisoner of society – living end
9. Menanama
10. Holy grail - hunters and collectors
11. Dirty little secret - all american rejects
12. La bamba
13. Take on me
14. Is she really going out with him
15. Dammit - blink
16. If you could only see – tonic
17. Impression that i get – mighty mighty bosstones
18. Semi charmed life – third eye blind
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Gay Fags - Gnarkill

Bound to be a hit
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you're playing umbrella live in a pub? It had better be a hard rock cover or you're gonna get a bottle whipped at you by some old biker
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you're playing umbrella live in a pub? It had better be a hard rock cover or you're gonna get a bottle whipped at you by some old biker

haha dw we thought ahead, trust me, it wil be far from the original
Knocking On Heavens Door - GnR
Dancing In The Moonlight - Thin Lizzy
New Kid In Town - The Eagles
She's Waiting - Eric Clapton
Have A Drink On Me - AC/DC
Brain Damage - Pink Floyd
Woman From Tokio - Deep Purple
Johnny B Goode
Anything by AC/DC
Rock & Roll Is King - Rose Tattoo
Bad Moon Rising - CCR
Bad To The Bone - George Thorogood
im pretty sure its illegal to play cher without providing optional cyanide capsules to the audience or victims i should say. check it out with local law enforcment
If you're playing in a pub, half those songs should not be on there. Of course, that all depends on where you're from, you need to figure out what music sells well in that area and what doesn't. The pub I like to go to has cover bands, but they usually only cover one band, and it attracts people who like the originals in there to hear how the covers are.

In essence, if you're going to do a cover band, you want to cover maybe one or two bands and give people the experience of seeing a concert with those bands. If you cover multiple bands/artists, make your versions original and innovative, instead of just playing the original, and maybe throw in some of your own songs as well.
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Aerosmith - Walk This Way
As in the original version, not the version with Run DMC, even though it's a badass version, just do the original
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Johnny B Goode
Anything by AC/DC
Bad Moon Rising - CCR

I agree.

Quote by bv310
you're gonna get a bottle whipped at you by some old biker

You've watched 'Blues Brothers' too many times!

So if you're gonna playing in pub: Rock'n'Roll (Led Zep), AC/DC stuff, good old rock'n'roll songs (you know... Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis), some Deep Purple and maybe blues/rythm'n'blues. Songs who people like.
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