I want to do the 18V mod to my Epi Explorer Prophecy. But after a few minutes searching the net (and UG) i couldn't find a guide. So what do i do?

I dont want them in parallel (the increased battery life thing), i want the higher output and clarity e.t.c. that i've read about.

Also, a switch the change between the two would be great. (i wont be drilling into the guitar, i'd like the switch to be in the back, i just need wiring diagrams e.t.c.)

If necessary i can get pics of the current wiring situation.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

P.S Please dont just write "Ultimate 18V mod thread" because i couldn't find it, even with the "blessed" damn search bar.

I'm gonna say it because if you search "18V" in the searchbar, it'll come up.



I don't mean to be an ass, but if it's really worth the time, money, and effort you've put into your guitar, you should spend more than 'a couple minutes' searching for a proper way on how to do it. No need to wreck a guitar due to bad research!

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lol type in 18V and its the 8th one done not hard to find
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