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untitled peom

the world so cold, full of painted face
everyones so fake, and just going through the paces
always looking for something better, and not afraid to step on poeple like me
they comeand robwhat they want, the worlds full of thievery
they pile high lies, just to advance their position
before for you know it, you'll be forced into submission
their like vampires, that need to feed upon us
but when their full, they will comfortibly delete us
they use the siren's songs, to lure their pray
then sit and laugh as you slowly decat away
they will be the one, to push you into the abyss
beated and battered, arms bound at the wrist
they are the lone sniper, just awaiting the soldier
they have no soul, nothing could make them colder
they shoot to wound, then kill the medic
they reach their peak, with their emothional havoc
their decieved as angels, hiding their blackened wings
they even managed to copy, the way true angels sing
they are the executioner, off with his head
they will take the heart, for their mantel of the dead
the world so dark, full of blackened eyes
and their not afraid to send someone to their own demise
guess theres no room in this haunted world i see
for a nice guy, as caring as me
but i'm never give in to the fake people i see
no comments or advice? i haven't written anything in a long time so some advice would be nice lol