Hi everyone, as the title says, I bought some new pedals and I'm a bit confused now regarding how they should follow one another. My pedals at the moment are.
1. MXR 10 band EQ
2. Vox V847 Wah (Being heavily modded)
3. MXR Carbon Copy delay
4. EHX English Muff'n Overdrive
5. Catalinbread SCOD OD

At the moment I haven't received the catalinbread pedal or the Vox wah yet, but there are a few questions that are bugging me:

1. I know that generally speaking, distortion goes after modulation, but since the English Muff'n is literally a tube preamp pedal, would it go first on the pedal board?

2. If so, does it go before or after the EQ.

3. From what I've seen on video reviews, the Catalinbread gives a thick distortion tone much more than an OD (which is fine) and the English Muff'n gives a tubey, trebly OD (sounds exactly like an AC 30 to me). My original idea was to use the Muff'n for light to medium OD, the catalinbread for super heavy distortion and then use both in conjunction to boost the harmonics and "cut" of the SCOD in the mix. Long story short, would the Muff'n being first or second on the chain affect how it would affect the SCOD when both are together, rather than it being immediately before the SCOD (refer to the ordered list above).

Oh yea, I highly recommend the AC30, err I mean the English Muff'n ;-). It really nails the british amp tones. I can get a bitey Omar Rodriguez-Lopez tone, or Jimi page tones as well as all the Queen tones. It is a really great real tube overdrive that runs on 300 volts if I remember correctly, so the tubes in the pedal are actually being cooked, like those in a real amp would be. I'm dying to see how the SCOD will sound like with the English Muff'n pushing it, since both have cascading gain stages rather than Diode clipping or MOSFETs for distortion. Has anyone run the English muff'n with another distortion and want's to share the effect it has?
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Try guitar>wah>overdrive/distortion>eq>modulation>amp. It works for me but there aren't any rules so try what you think is best.
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I'd go with Wah>Muff>OD>EQ>delay. I always prefer putting distortion before the OD because when combined they make a really tube amp like sound.
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I would say:

Guitar > Vox V847 Wah -> Catalinbread SCOD OD -> EHX English Muff'n Overdrive -> MXR 10 band EQ -> MXR Carbon Copy delay -> Amp

I run distortion into my AC30's preamp so in theory it should work But really you'll have to try the OD's in different order - there is NO way of knowing what it'll sound like til you've tried.

The wah could also after the OD, pure preference here.

Also, EQ can go before or after the OD depending what you want to fix, but usually after the OD.
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a find the repeats of the delay to be fizzy and unclear when the delay is anywhere but at the end

those Catilinbread superchargers sound brilliant
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Quote by BoogieManMKD
I'd go with Wah>Muff>OD>EQ>delay. I always prefer putting distortion before the OD because when combined they make a really tube amp like sound.

1. Vox V847 Wah (Being heavily modded)
2. EHX English Muff'n Overdrive
3. Catalinbread SCOD OD
4. MXR 10 band EQ
5. MXR Carbon Copy delay