Ok so I have a band already we just can't find a place to practice.
Any advice?

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u can hire rehearsal rooms, look in ur local musicians magazine/newspaper and i'm sure u will find places that have a decent rate
Very obvious, but what about at one of the band members houses? Keep it down to keep the neighbours happy
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Very cliche, but a garage. Maybe find an old warehouse that has power still? My old band is doing that right now. And they have good practice. If you do that though, make sure you have a designated driver to get everyone there every week!
Obviously one of your houses would be ideal (basements and garages both work well), but I'm assuming that, since you started this thread in the first place, that's out of the question.

Along the lines of the rehearsal space idea, I've heard of bands renting out storage units and using them as practice space. In this case, power could be an issue, and you'd obviously have to check with the people you're renting the units from to ensure they can be used in such a way.