I have no idea what to call this. And this isn't a religious song, some people thought it was because of the word "Lord" in the chorus. I'm just pissed about my finger hurting and not being able to play the guitar.

When I'm fallin down
& I hit the ground
I cry out in pain
But I do not make a sound

For 2 days I lay
Listening to the things people say
& if I have to endure this any longer
I won't be okay

Lord, won't you take me up in your arms?
Do I get a reward?
I hammer-on and pull-off the alarm
Like a needle-like a sword

I want to live for free
But I thought we had agreed
For a set date and time
What are you doing to me?

*planned guitar solo

Now it's just a dull ache
But make it go away for my sake
You take away my canvas and paint
Leaving me with nothing with which to create


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