i'm looking for bands/musicians that have released more than thirty albums in their career. i know two off the top of my head which is Frank Zappa, and Elvis Presley
Fucked Up has released something like that amount. Though probably all EPs and all the same songs, but they're discography looks impressive for a band that's only been around this century.
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There's an Acid Metal band called Acid Mothers Temple which releases around ten albums a year. Read about it in Metal Hammer.
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NOFX has a lot, maybe not 30 though.
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I'm fairly sure Dylan has released that many

and if you include the beatles stupid amount of greatest hits records i guess they might have as well!
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Zappa, Buckethead, Ani Difranco off the top of my head.
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25 studio albums + 11 live albums + 21 compilations albums = 57 albums
Fela Kuti has a lot. I think around 40
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David Bowie - 28 studio albums, 8 live albums and 21 compilations...and 4 soundtracks

and Alice Cooper has released about 25 studio albums, plus live albums and compilations
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Buckethead might be the most prolific active artist out right now.

And John Frusciante will eventually get there.
Johnny Cash, Grateful Dead and perhaps James Brown
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Duke Ellington. Over 100.
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Yeah a lot of jazz artists are pretty prolific.

Also, Merzbow, though I doubt you'd want to listen to any of them.
Venetian Snares (well, Aaron Funk as a whole with his other incarnations). In a very short time, too.
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