I give crit anyway but maybe C4C will get me more views lol-


i play bass on all these tracks some solo, some with my band, and just ****ing about.

Give them a listen. They stream from the links

An instrumental with bass and a few acoustic guitar layers.

click dont sit on my trilby - we get depressed too.

Me drunk in my room after a night out recording a cover of crank dat with a friend giveing "yuuuuuuuuu"s I dont know the words to the song so most of its all wrong lol.

shhwib click crankdat woahhh

This is meant to sound epic its called I slit my wrists with bananas. vocals recorded at +1 octave and also at -1 octave

clickitty cloo I slit my wrists with bananas

Me and the drummer in my old band after waking up one morning still abit drunk. everything is first take and we made it up as we went along. and didnt bother to tune.

clicky Too cool for rock and roll

My old band. i play the bass.

clicky ten faces of the 5 wives

My old band the first song we wrote. I play bass

clickkk me and my french friends

My old band i play bass and acoustic guitar *edit* plus has rory gallagher who used to be in an irish band called the revs helping in the studio and harmonised about 5 seconds of the song lol. We didnt like the studio and the engineer was **** but was fun.

clock Woes on the sofa (theres nothing on tv)

I think all the tracks were recorded with jazz basses. Most of the recordings i used my ****ty no name jazz but woes on the sofa used a 70s reissue maple fender jazz. noiiice.

Its obvious which songs have been demoed on a laptop and which has been in a studio and which are recorded on a boss portable recorder.

I think my songwriting with and without the band is pretty simple but if some constructive crit on anything woul dbe nice
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