Well, I've noticed that when im playing, sometimes my pinky jerks back into kind of a curled up position...and ive notice many good guitarists keep all of their fingers like half an inch above the strings they are gonna play.....i was wondering if i did pinky exercises if itd help me keep it in place and above the strings
No, what a stupid suggestion. Since when has practice and training ever helped to do anything...
Well, I've noticed that when I'm browsing The Pit, sometimes post in the wrong forum. I was wandering...

Yes practice would help, playing scales slowly while keeping your pinky over the fret you're about to play with that finger helps. I try to keep my pinky over the fret, but when I get into a song I often forget about it, doesn't seem to effect my playing too much, but it does help with the pinky over the fret.
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