heres a new song', on youtube or in my profile

the first scream is me, the 2nd one is just a sound clip
I made this after having a f***in terrible day its just supposed to be brutal lol
the solo is random and improv-ed but i just left it


crank it up and see what you think
all comments welcome
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Im impressed!
Got a lot of emotion in it, i like the way its been structured too. You could imagine yourself going mad with nothing but this song playing haha
But yeah man, i really liked it!
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

Very unique. I like this song a lot. The heartbeat is nutz, felt like mine. If you do gigs you should open with this song. Shredding was excellent to, fit the song perfectly.
thx for the crit

that shizzles creepy! haha, this is different from anything ive heard, and acctually i quite like it, im all down for people doing experimental stuff like this

really well done!

only crit would be the guitar tone ruined it a bit and the chords, id of put something real nice and thick single notes on the E string or what ever tuning you were using

thanks a lot man- i admit i didnt spend much time on the tone, i tuned my guitar like this:

E G# D# G B E

then i just played power chords and went for it =]
Thats AWESOME man. Definatly use this thing as an opener for an album or gig. The intro was awesome, really set the mood. While the guitar tone wasnt great, I think its perfect for the song, very distorted and hectic.
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What the fuck man!? That's SWEET

I think I might actually use that!

It was very interesting...Does fit the name "Terror Metal" alright lol. I agree with everyone as it being an opener. This song would get me pumped at the beginning of a show. Not only that but if you come up with stuff that blows this outta the water to use for the rest of the set then OMFG man. I would be going crazy!
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Pretty good but the drums could have been better. Sounded a bit like King Crimson meets Voivod/Gorguts.
Very good 80's era death metal...

reminded me of funebrarum which is a band I love...

the heartbeat was sick...

I can't really think of anything u can do to improve that
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**** - i left a comment, but it didnt seem to come through.

well anyway, ive sobered up a bit, and i have to say, that the very first bit scared the nuts off me...i guess i shouldve read the "terror metal" part first. But anyway, it was well executed. Its like Silent Hill in br00tal metal form, its brilliant! definately worth vanturing into this wonderful genre.

Keep it up!
Woah, I love the intro, really creepy and eerie, and the way it built up with the drums. The screams added a great touch to it also! And the keys, I could imagine this in the background of some crazy scary film. Some pretty cool dissonant sounding stuff too!

The only thing I would say would to work on the drums abit, some more variation. The sound of them is great though, what do you use?
I really liked it, I think if you put an album out It would be something i would probably listen to frequently.
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The only thing I would say would to work on the drums abit, some more variation. The sound of them is great though, what do you use?

Thanks for the comments all

I used Drumkit from hell for the drums! I didn't spend much time on em, all I did was turn up the kick drum in the mix
yeah this is pretty cool.. Keeps making you wonder whats next while you listen to it.. Someone go to wiki and update the metal genres page and add Terror metal there.. founded by supralightning.. ↲plz crit my song idea too.. I'm using my phone so i cant paste link here but its on my profile.. Either comment there or look thru my recent posts for the thread..