So I just found out about Agile guitars and the PS-924 model just caught my eye and I was thinking about getting it. http://www.rondomusic.com/ps924green.html

Problem is, I have never dealt with Agile guitars before and I'm still quite unsure if it's worth the amount of money I would be paying for it. So help me out with this, should i get it? and like why I guess.
Right now I'm using an ESP M-II, with an EMG 60 in the neck and EMG 85 in the bridge, with a Roland Cube 60.
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So, you want the Agile for versatility, right? It'll sound a lot less agressive than your ESP, but it'll also be of way lower quality. I don't think you'd be satisfied, being the user of a much better guitar already.

It's not a bad guitar though. You're getting what you pay for.

EDIT: I didn't see you had a Cube. Erm, where do I start? Generally, using EMGs with solid state amps is not a good idea (there are very few exceptions). I'd go for a different amp before anything else, preferably a nice tube amp that has plenty of gain on tap. It depends on what sound you're after, but seeing as you use an M-II with EMGs, I figure you like metal, so a high gain amp is a good choice.
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haha i used to have a roland cube 60, its a pretty awesome amp. from what ive heard the higher end agiles are supposed to be nice but hey you get what you pay for
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