Yesterday I went to the doctors office and got my test results back. I had been getting frequent nose bleeds, and it turns out my worry was true. I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia... I start chemo on Monday.

Please pray for me pit, I've never been through worse than the common cold.

I'm going to take the spring semester off, and hopefully return in the Fall.
Damn, that's pretty harsh

Good luck man!
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oh gosh, that's terrible. Is there a cure or something? Is there a high probability that you'll get through it? Gosh, I'm really sorry.
This is a bit worrying as I had frequent nosebleeds not too long ago.. then it went away for a while and then came back a few months later.

Best of luck getting through it man
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Well at least they caught it now and not a few years in the future. This way you might be able to kick it in the ass before it gets too serious. Best of luck, man.

This. Good luck with it man hope everything turns out ok.
Best of luck to you man.
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my deepest sympathy is with you my friend.
My prays are with you.
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Best of luck to you and your family man!

You CAN pull through, my Dad did !
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Sorry Man
This is terrible. Good luck buddy.
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I'm sure everyone are with you here, but threads like this just shouldn't be in the pit.

Good luck. Hope you get through this.
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