Decided to try and learn Banana Pancakes today, and for the most part I can play it, but I'm wondering about the little C7 type deal


As far as I know not your typical C7, but bear with. No open strings, and I'm just wondering the best way to mute out the other strings. Sounds really muddy right now, with me just trying to hit those three strings by themselves. I've been trying to mute the low E with my middle finger, and just mute the B with my pinky, but it seems very cumbersome right now. Should I just keep practicing it this way?
You have the right method of muting the low E...the bottom two requires your pinky to rest between the two strings.. tricky but it will come
Well, I was close. Thanks for the tip!

Edit: Also, for anyone who plays this, do you keep the bar on the above chord, or do you just press the notes like normal?
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If I remember right, the chords on Banana Pancakes are all barre chords. so just use your chording fingers to cover the muted strings?
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For that part i just mute the thick E string and play the top 4 strings. I've never attempted to barre it but go for it I guess.
Barring ended up working well. Wasn't thinking hard enough earlier. Found out that it's not x323xx either, its x545xx, so I don't have to move my hand at all to play the second chord. Thanks for the advice!