here’s a thought... Is it possible to take God by surprise? When we read that he knows what we think of or say even before we do then you might expect the answer is no, but I sometimes wonder…

I was inspired to write this song early in the morning as I was walking down to the station to commute to work. It was the early part of the year, 6 am in the morning and still dark. It had rained heavily during the night and the air was damp and heavy and as I walked through the park suddenly the fragrant scent of a shrub growing in the hedgerow rose up to greet me. It was a pleasant and unexpected experience at the start of what would otherwise turn out to be a dreary, routine day. Later I got to thinking wouldn’t it be nice rather than grumbling and complaining about things around us we could instead for once take God by surprise with our fragrant offering of praise and thanks to Him for the all good things he has done for us in our lives.


May God be taken by surprise
By random acts of worship
May He take delight in what He hears
As we express our love for Him
May the Lord be stopped within His tracks
By a show of deep affection
As we seek to render to His Name
Highest honour and esteem

Taken by surprise
Surprised by worship
Taken by surprise
Surprised by worship

May God be taken by surprise
By a spontaneous combustion
Of worship pouring from the lips
Of a people set apart
May His Spirit spark the flame of love
When the oil of joy is flowing
Upon the glowing embers of
A broken contrite heart

May our worship be as fragrant
As the scent along the wayside
That reaches up to greet the passer by
With devotion that’s as varied as
The colours of the rainbow
That stretch across a grey and tear filled sky

Taken by surprise
Surprised by worship
Taken by surprise
Surprised by worship

Sorry for not being able to crit; but I will say this.

Is it possible to have free will in a universe where an omniscient being exists?
Either their is predestination, or there is no God (in the most commonly believed form).