I mean for local shows at small clubs that maybe draw 200-300 people max, not big touring bands. Is there really a significant difference between $5 for a ticket and $10 or $15? Like if you go to a show that costs $10, would you still go if it was $15? Are there certain things (solid line up, final shows, free stuff, etc) that make it worth paying more?
Depends,10bucks seems like an average fee..
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Depending on who and where mostly.
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Depends on who it was. I paid £45 to see Bon Jovi, definatly worth it. I'd of paid more if need be. Wouldn't pay anymore than £20 to go to an indoor club though, unless it was a really big band that I really wanted to see.
I paid $300 for V.I.P. 3-day passes to Bamboozle..

That's a little overboard..
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I saw the Misfits for like 20.
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Depends on how much I want to see the band and how much money I have at the time.
If my favourite band are playing then I'll pay as much as I can afford but if it's just a band I kind of like then the price does matter, and the lower the ticket cost the more likely I am to go see them.
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Depends on the band.
Local, I won't pay more than £5 (cos it would be at the Chinnerys) unless it was a big band that I really liked.

London, £15-25. Thats kinda my limit, cos travel is £15.
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I paid $300 for V.I.P. 3-day passes to Bamboozle..

That's a little overboard..

you going this year?
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Some people have told me $20 tickets are too expensive.
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nah 15-20 if its a local show thats it if it was a major gig like metallica or Rush, I'd save my ass off cause i love those bands
I payed $140 for AC/DC and $160 for Rush.

I'm stupid when it comes to buying tickets, but damn were they good seats.

I payed $50 to see Rise Against, I don't even like them.

For the record, I'd pay $1000 for lawn seats at a Rush show.
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it depends on the band.

if it is just a local show, i wouldn't expect to pay more than $10-15, and i probably wouldn't be willing to pay more than that either.

but for bigger name bands, it depends on the band. i paid $90 to be able to see Rage Against the Machine. they were also playing with people like Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, and Mos Def. so it seemed like a really good deal.

but i would have paid that just to see Rage, because they are one of my favorite bands.

now take a band like Red Hot Chili Peppers. i like them, but they aren't one of my favorite bands. i'd probably be willing to pay around $40 to see them.

so do prices matter to me? yeah, but the band itself is what really makes up my mind. i'm willing to pay a lot if it means seeing one of my favorite bands.
Most local shows around here are $5, I'd be unhappy if it was $10 and would start to consider not going once it gets to the $15-$20 range.

$5 is good for local shows, you want a lot of people to go, you're not trying to make fat stacks.