I've got a friend looking to sell a Valvestate head, I'm vaguely interested, But I don't know anything about hybrid amps, Just wondering expiriances any one may have had and how versitile they are and what can be done with them. Mind you, Straight answers from the friend are not a reality, He's not really playing with a full deck. Nor do I remember what the amp sounded like, and never used it when it was at my house for 2 years. Would I be able to put an OD pedal in front of the head distortion or is it like a solid state in that reguard? I got like 100 questions about this and can't seem to find any answers.
I'm of the opinion that the original Valvestate line was a bit superior to the current AVT line that Marshall is offering. It will react like a solid state.
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My dad has a twenty watt valvestate and it sounds seriously crap.
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I had an old Marshall 8100 Valvestate that I boosted. Sounded great.
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I have a Marshall Valvestate. It sounds decent for metallic punk once I replaced the speaker.
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Used to own a Marshall VS100 and it was actually a great SS amp. Especially if your were looking for a marshall tone minus the tubes. Also never had any issues out of it. There always a good buy if you can find them for cheap.