Long story short, i had a bet with my friend to see who could fit the most gummi bears in their mouth. i lost.
so now i have to shave my pubes off...

So Pit, what is the best way to do it?
Im tempted to just get a razor and do it in the shower... but i dont know if itll itch or not or what...

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not and say you did. Are they gonna check?
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Use proper shaving gel/cream stuff, then it won't itch


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You're gonna need some sort of moisturiser because that bad boy will sting and itch like a mofo if you are going clean as a whistle down there.


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I've never found it itchy. Feels a bit weird depending on what type of underwear you use.

EDIT: I only ever use electric shavers.
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Either - I had to do the exact same thing as a forfeit a few years ago, and all I can say is you're gonna be itching for a while...
Just let it itch, it will feel good when you scratch.
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Wax that shii.
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lmao....umm buzz that **** with a buzzer if you can..then razor, cold water, over the can....my girl used to say "if you want me to suck your balls you gotta shave 'em"
Do it very quickly with a machete
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Don't, tI doubt anyone is gonna check to make sure you did it.
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if i were u i'd chop them off with scissors CAREFULLY then shave the rest away.

never shaved my pubes myself, but if i was going to then i'd do it like that.
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if you get the chance use an electric hair trimmer and leave 3mm. If you make a clean shave it's gonna itch and stick as it grows back. That's my experience atleast. I was foolish enough to make the elefant ears with a long nose when I was younger. Never ever never ever again lol.
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electric razor is easier
But shaving cream+regular razor leaves it smoother...
The choice is yours lol
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Shave cream/Gel,then go nut's it's totally worth it!
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What are you, a lady?

How many gummi bears did you and he have in your mouths at the end?

Come on, man!
Don't do it. TRUST ME!
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Not. Cool.

Found this amusing:
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Oh God... it's back.
It's not that difficult... i do it all the time. First you should trim them, and if you really have to... shave them with proper equipment after that.

edit: those people saying "don't do it" probably never did it of have done it only once. it is true, the first time things tend to go rather wrong.
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No ones gonna check. But its fine, my friend lost a bet and did the same, he said it felt good, and clean. It grows back in a few days anyway.
dont people do this normally? wtf.
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Just let it itch, it will feel good when you scratch.

Then he goes for a piss and finds out that his Johnson is bright red and close to bleeding. Win!
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seriously now. its the 21st century... i thought everybody did this? i figure if you want the ladies bare you better do the same!
"every prince has to slay a few dragons before he meets his princess"