can some one please help me?!?!! new neighbors just moved in and i need to purchase headphones for night practice and recording. i have a dul rec head and cabinet setup with various rack equipment and effects. am i going to be able to plug high quality headphones into one of the ohm inputs in the back of my head? is this even possible?

no you cant. thank god you asked us, because if you tried it would destroy the headphones as well as the head. if you need something for headphone practice, look into a line 6 POD studio

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line 6 podxt for recording

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unless you background in electrical engineering, no.
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I seem to remember someone making a load box with a headphone output on it, but I can't remember who exactly.
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Far simpler to just get a decent multi fx unit that won't cost the earth, has headphone sockets and connects to the computer for easy recording. The Digitech RP range is good and very reasonably priced but anything like that should do the job. I have a similar problem and use Sony cordless headphones with my GNX3000 for practice and it's the best thing I've ever done.
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