to listen to. I got Hemispheres and love it, then I got Moving Pictures and hated it. Can someone point me to another album of theirs thats more like Hemispheres?
a farewell to kings or permanent waves
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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spirit of radio

all great albums. and i have to agree about moving pictures, not my favourite. my favourite is probably 2112
Their early albums, like a Farewell to Kings and 2112.

And don't go asking for the Rush album "Spirit of Radio", becasue it doesn't exist.
Farewell to Kings, 2112, Fly By Night, Permanent Waves. Basically the pre- 1981 output minus the first album and Caress of Steel.
2112 or get the gold/black best of cd. Its tits.
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