hi, looked for a post like this, couldn't find one so here goes.

i've seen a left handed fender strat (mexican) in a second hand shop up the road from me for £120.
now i'm a righty so was wondering if i bought it and flipped it to right handed i know i'd have to swap the strings round obviously (i aint doyle bramhall II)
and probably change the top-nut to a right handed one.

but will i need to change anything else??? for instance will the pickups be fine as they were or will they HAVE to be turned round?

please let me know.

i've always thought it would be cool to play a LH strat righty-style but i'm unsure about how much cost and/or effort i'd need to put in extra in order to make it happen.

thanks in advance.
your have to change the nut and new strings, maybe have it set up thats about it though :P
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