i was wondering if someone could recomend some good acoustic songs to play. preferably nothing country music.
Handbags and Gladrags - Stereophonics
Good Riddance - Green Day
Taylor - Jack Johnson
It depends what type of acoustic ur looking for. If you want pop acoustic anything by The Spill Canvas or another good song is Thunder(Acoustic) by Boys Like Girls. If your looking more for like spanish flamenco stuff i dunno any.
depends on wot u want really?
my fav's to do on acoustic,although not techincally acoustic songs is disarm by the smashing pumpkins and hearyoume by jimmy eat world

more techincally stuff i dunno...most ppl go for classical gas

oh and jeff buckley halleujah! make the girlies cry and your on to a winner
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi!

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Here is a site that has some acoustic style songs for beginners and intermediates. I am not really into this kind of music but valid acoustic style songs none the less, some examples below:

* Cinnamon Girl - Songs for Intermediates #21
* Time After Time - Songs for Intermediates #20
* After The Gold Rush - Neil Young
* Don’t Panic - Coldplay
* Imagine - John Lennon
* Julia - The Beatles
* The Needle and the Damage Done - Neil Young
* Your Song - Elton John
* Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd - The Intro Solo

Hope it helps!
I love playing anything from Dallas Green (city and colour)

Most of his songs are in different tunings and use capos and are not easy but sound really nice.
u should play sweet home alabama its very simple song to play although instead of a regular C use a Cadd9 it sounds just the same just easier to play.

Heres the intro

And Heres the chords where you should use the Cadd9
Fingerstyle guitar
Great site for finger style. If you like jazz click on Yves Keroas.
ok so i would definatly start with some jack johnson. their simple yet really chill and fun to play and girls usually love it. some songs are:
banana pancakes
sittin waitin wishin
do you remember
better together
all of those are pretty easy to play
also for some more challenging stuff i recommend slightly stoopid their two guitarrist tandem is absolutly incredible. however most of their stuff is fairly tough. some songs are
collie man
closer to the sun
mellow mood
fire shot
fat spliffs
also for some challenging stuff look into dave matthews band some songs are
crash into me
grey street (trust the tab i know its weird @ 1st)
jimi thing
stay(wasting time)
gravedigger (really simple)
number 41 (ok this song is crazy hard and hard to get the rhythym to)
so i hope this is some help man good luck
dave matthews might.. just.. be.. god..

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WoW I hope this will help I bought my guitar in the december of '08 so i don't really know much, but the first thing i've learned is Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes ( the easy version). I really like it cause it's catchy and not so hard to play. You should try it
all good recommendations, the first song i learned was good riddance...its really simple to play, and a more popular song.
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