I've got too much wood, and not enough time to build guitars. This auction is consisting mainly of figured top-woods that are not resawn

I have :

Curly Crotch Walnut (very rare) $30-50 a top
Flamed Birch (very rare) $50-70 a top
Flat-sawn pau-ferro fingerboard blank (enough wood to get 2 fretboards) $25
Cedro mahogany body blanks (two-piece) $45
One of the most amazing looking Paduak neck blanks $35
Walnut/mahogany/sapele (all two-piece, im out of one piece bodies glue like will be on the center of the guitar) Various prices $60-80

Whatever doesn't sell on here will go on ebay for a jacked up price.
The more you buy, i will give you better prices.