I Just finished this guitar and i need the dollars.

24 medium jumbo frets
12'' radius
Select quartersawn Indian Rosewood fretboard
Select 3 piece opposite grain matched curly quartersawn Hard Sugar Maple (opposite grain matching is a technique that makes a neck virtually invulnerable to warping/twisting)
Two piece grain matched Black Walnut body
Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickup combo wired with one volume, one tone, and a threeway switch, wired with a .022 Orange Drop capacitor (the best)
Hand-fit electronics cavity cover made out of rosewood
All Access Neck Joint in the back for great upper fret access, the guitar neck required a good 15 pounds of pressure to be pressed into the neck pocket, a true sign of craftsmanship and proves its worth offering TONS of sustain (see video!)
All gotoh hardware including hardened steel bridge and tuners
Hand-cut graphite nut
oversized strap buttons.
The top has a carved feel to it, the elbow carve extends to the horn, and both horns are bevelled (who says metal can't be classy?)
Reverse headstock (has an effect on the tone of the instrument, tighter lows and easier to bend the treble strings)
MOP inlays, standard side dots
the body is an original shape, based off of the Stratocaster and 80's super-strat knockoff's.
Direct mounted pickups, does effect tone but very lightly (no metal pickup surrounding and it is strapped direction to the wood which is the secondary frequency source)
Medium c-shaped neck that is extremely comfortable
dual-action truss rod, although you will never need to use it.


Looking for trades for NICE gear (sweet tube amps, sweet guitars) or a nice dollar-payment would be nice.

TONS of pictures

youtube video of me jammin on it
Wasn't this on ebay before? I was that a different guitar?
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