HI, everyone. I am from Asia. I am kinda sad. I was playing my Epiphone Les Paul with a Vox AD 30 VT Amp with a Metal Core ML-2 tonight. Everythings seems all right. Suddenly , my amp doesn't work and come out any sound except the static sound. It happened while i was playing it. So, there is no way i turn off anything from my amp or metal core accidentally. After that, no matter how I unplug the power or using another cable to plug in to my guitar from my amp , my guitar and amp doesn't work anymkore. what i heard is just the static sound from the amp . Does anyone has any suggestion on this issue? I am wondering either my amp or guitar is broken and Did I do anything wrong to break my guitar or amp ? I have been playing this guitar and amp for one and half year
Are you using a battery on the ML-2? If you are it could be dead.

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thanks for your suggestion. by the way, I also tried to use another cord to plug in to the amp from my guitar. The issue still exist . does that mean it is not the problem of my cord but my amp or guitar ?
To Necrophagist777: Thanks for your suggestion. by the way, I am not using battery but instead , i am using AC adapter for my ML-2. So I guess it would not be the problem on battery.
To metalmlitiachaz: Thanks for your suggestion. I have tried to use another cable to plug into my guitar from the amp. but the problem is still here@@.
the wire on your input jack may have came off,or a wire in the cable

go to a music store and play it through one of their amps with their cables
that will elimanate your guitar or amp
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With the amp on, plug in a cable. Hold the other end casing and tap the 'live' with your thunb. If you hear the amp 'pop' then it and cable are good. If not, try another cable. If it still won't pop, its the amp that needs fixing.