I've been working on this piece for a short time and finally it became something, but I did not know what to classify it as so I thought I might ask you guys. I would be happy if you said what you think about the song too

Oh and it's not completly done yet either, so some critique would be very welcome, so that I might improve on the song.
Rush of Phobia.zip
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That is very nice. The drums makes really interesting what, otherwise, could be some boring riffing. Very good use of the 3/4 time signature.
Also, I know this is a matter of tastes but... I would like to see there some melodic component. But that is just me that can't live without melody.
This is cool, you have some great ideas going. I'd definitely add some leads to make it more interesting, but the riffs you wrote are good as they are. Also, I thought that last riff in the song would sound cool with a kind of epic prog guitar solo over it. Or just any sort of solo, really :P If you expand on that last part and made it more then just the one riff it'll make an excellent outro.