I always have liked manly hobbies where it's almost impossible to meet women, so I got my gfs from high school, however I entered engineering college and the female population is like 5%, and the hot ones should be like .5%(even the ugly ladies get stalked in here lol )
So what hobby is cool and liked by men and women?
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Pokemon. (Have you seen Officer Jenny?)

misty ≥ officer jenny
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Lol wat, men like porn?

It depends on what kind of hobbies you like, don't take up a hobby just to meet girls, if you want to do that go to bars and stuff.
🙈 🙉 🙊
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Mini golf? Swimming? Fisting? Bowling?

I c wut u did thar.
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Things that both men and women like? Hmmmm.. The obvious answer could be sex, but in truth, they just like making eachother miserable.
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It's you
Do something involved with dance. There will be a lot of fit women pouncing on any guy, especially if they're not gay.
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