So Im ina ska punk band, and I usually voice my ska up stoke chords as triads on the 3 high strings, but I would like to use bar chords for a more full sound sometimes. I haveing trouble with killing the note quickly and getting the high strings to come out clear though, especially on an A shape with the hight E string. Any advice?
practise practise practise. Just mainly practise the barre with your first finger and hitting all the strings, then adding other fingers.
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Finger strength. Gotta work up that finger strength.
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(I'm a n00b, so this is probably rubbish, but... )

For me, the thing that really helped by barre chords was to make sure the finger making the barre was as close to the fret as possible. Sounds a bit obvious, but I found it wasn't until I got the barre finger seriously close to the fret that the barred strings started to ring reliably.
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.
push down on thr fretboard with your barre finger really really hard so that after a while it gets easier and easier and eventually you don't need to push hard at all