What are some good songs i can play rythm for while my wife plays lead. Preferable no bar chords....I suck at bar chords still.
so you would be on guitar playing rhythm with your wife on piano playing lead?
What kind of music are you into?

I can't think of any songs at the moment, but I know a few. Sorry...
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Well, for country:
I'm Already There - Lonestar
Walking in Memphis - Lonestar (well, their cover of it)
Dust on the Bottle - I wanna say it is by David Lee Murphy

Actually most Lonestar songs would be amazing for that to be honest, since they frequently use a piano player. Rascal Flats has some stuff that would be good as well.

Also, it may not be strictly country, but check out Dave Matthews Band and Amos Lee. The DMB has some fun songs that are fairly easy to arrange if you aren't hell-bent on doing the song exactly like they did, and Amos Lee is more folky, but he has some very pure and fun stuff.

EDIT: The guy above me said Jazz, you could try Take 5 by Dave Brubeck.
EDIT Again: Eagles...I mean, can't believe I just realized it, pretty much all the Eagles stuff can be done with an acoustic and a piano (desperado anyone?)
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