I have rice, potatoes, flour, onions and a zuccini

what the hell should I make?

EDIT: I am poor, I cannot buy more ingredients, nor can I order takeaway. I need food out of these ingredients.
I would just make rice (again), but I thought maybe someone could think of something more interesting out of these things.
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You should make a phone call to nearest takeaway that delivers.

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Pull that zuccini out your ass and get something else.
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do you have a blender?
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a bowl of flour

and a rice potato onion zucchini sundae for dessert
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Get chopped up, grade-A meat, somethin' delicious
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um... brownish potatoes?

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you can make some rice with pieces of zuncchini and like a tortilla with the potatoes.

Try to buy some meat, it's good xD
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Do you have any milk or eggs?
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cut the potatos into small "chips," fry them, with the onions.. mmm.. they're homemade potato chips and they taste amazing.

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I don't know if this would work but.

Dip zuccini in water, cover in flower then cook in frying pan/deep fryer.
Cook potatoes, mash 'em, add onions. Make your own milk for 'em. (If you catch my drift)
Cook the rice as a side dish.

I'm not 100% any of this will taste like anything less than ****.
boil the potatoes and cook the rice for and have yourself some potatoes and rice!

I don't know anything about cooking
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make sure you tell us what you made:

my suggestion: cut up succini and onion, cut potatoes in thin slices, fry in pan and make the rice seperatly if you are still hungry.
put everything in a blender with some water and drink it all
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I know you said that all you had but do you have any spices? I would say cut up the potatoes and cook them and cut them up and add them to the cooked rice. But i could be a bit bland if you don't have any spices. If all else fails, make some fries! Or baked potatoes.

Man i want some potatoes now.
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Egg drop soup made with ramen>all

Edit: Shit, I didn't see list of ingredients.
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Make a stir fry with the onions, zucchini and rice. Then make a baked potato.
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