Hey guys,

Just finished my first mix of my new song i made today, Id appreciate some crits and feedback


EDIT: Higher quality here


Its called Lilium

just wanted some feedback, as criticism is a positive thing for me, its lets me improve.

Anyway, tell me what you think of the mix and the song (even though myspace is misleading for mixing etc...).

As always i will C4C

Thanks in advance.
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OMG that was awesome love the 7 string action what did you use to record it sounds so professional!
Acctually it was a 6 string, its my esp M-II through a 5150 II

Thanks for the praise! i really appreciate it!

I acctually use impulsing from my 5150 II which is taking a line straight out of my 5150 II pre amp into the firewire interface, mackie onyx satillite. using engl 4x12 v30 impulses in this one and one of guitarhacks IR impulses

and i use drumkit from hell in ezdrummer for drums, all recorded in Nuendo 3

Bass is a pitch shifted clean guitar
wow that was crazy! really cool sound. thought i heard some sus2 chords on the low end and maybe a augmented 7 at that bendy part? really cool though, like it when people mix it up a bit. BTW good drum programming as well.

C4C on mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1055660
^ i acctually dont have a clue about theory lol, i just sort of make chords randomly and if they sound kool i use them, never had a lesson or taken music before

And thanks, im improving bit by bit at drum programming its just practice at the end of the day
I like the lead tones. The ideas remind me very much of Killswitch Engage, or perhaps another metalcore band. I don't really fancy that style of music too much. The production and smoothness of the recording is fantastic.

5/10 mainly because of the lead breaks. I really like them
crit me? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1055872
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Hey dude-

Production on this is great as usual, Good rhythm riffs in the 1st part, Then after the lead break I liked em more the 2nd time, that machine gunning riff. The lead breaks were really nice, I liked how it was mixed to have "ambient" noise almost in the background, it gave a good feel. The drums sound great, especially the kick drum. Did you make the grooves yourself in DFH?

At the very end there... is that from elfen lied?

Good stuff man, your other songs on there are great too

c4c if you wanna check out one of mine
Omg I LOVED that. Loved the part where the lead came in for the first time. FANTASTIC. I have to listen to more of your stuff
mixing and production are excellent, the drums sound way too good to be programmed

on the actual song, i like the dynamics, the harmony changes after 0:57 sound really good along with the lead arrangements

it sounds really good, really proffesional, the thing is that it doesn't feels complete, maybe adding vocals would improve it even more
Pretty awesome man! You have really great riffs.

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really good tone.

you did a goods jobs!

im here
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damn nice stuff there man.. I've listened to it 10 times already between yest and today.. Love the riffs and the solo just fits in perfectly.. ANd of course.. The recording/mixing is real nice.. Gimme some crit on mine too.. Its only a rough idea though.. Its on my profile.. I'm using my phone atm so i cant copy and paste the link to the thread i made..
Excellent musicianship, Excellent production, but the song needs to move more dynamically.
Awesome stuff- loving the production on it, as well as the music itself. Trust me, im trying to be a bastard and try and point out the most insignificant flaws, but i cant find any!

great work.

Feel free to comment on any one of the songs ive done.
that was actually really badass. sounds like something in between meshuggah and killswitch engage during the heavier parts, but the ambient parts are really fckin cool
Woah man this is really great! Love the riffs, and you've done the drums and guitar tone really well. Sounds really proffesional! Keep it up, great stuff! Would sound amazing with some vocals. Did you buy the ezdrummer? Or download it?

Can you crit my song in my profile, "Scattered" please? Isn't much but it's the best I have so far.
Hey man I'm a huge fan. Just keep doing what you're doing. It feel's a little repetitive and boring at times, but vocals would help a lot if you plan on having those later. Reminds me of Meshuggah a LOT!!

I love listening to people's recordings when they take the time and effort to record/program multiple instruments as well as mix it nicely.

I use the Drumkit from Hell as well. I'd appreciate any criticism on my recordings as well
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This would be more enjoyable with vocals. It is hard to get into because it feels very rhythm based, and in that; needing of vocals. Still, it is very polished and well put together. Your lead tones are some of the best I've ever heard on any song. When it first came in I said to myself, "Nice synth", which is a compliment. EZ Drummer is also amazing. I wish I could get that program.
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Very tight and crisp - I see another meshuggah fan who plays 7 strings (although I saw that you used the 6 stringer on this one) I went through a polyrythm stage... Made a song called Morpheus in my profile.

Really needs vocals, and it was almost teasing, like any second it was going to break into some insane and thrashy riffage.

Not bad, I dont really have anything else to say.

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