I recently joined this site and decided to post a tab for a song. The song already existed on the site, several times, but not accurately. I read through the FAQ and it only listed rules for submitting articles. I didn't see any rules about tabs or chords. Did I overlook it? After submitting the tab I logged in a few days later to find that it was denied (that's what the gray D means, right?). There was no explanation and apparently it seems I cannot resubmit. What is the deal? Any help would be appreciated. I have quite a few tabs and chords that I have done over the years and would like to upload them to help others if possible, but want to understand the process and do it correctly so I'm not wasting my time uploading files that just get rejected because I formatted improperly or something else I'm missing.
We have a tab talk forum here that might help a little.

Generally the rules as far as i know, are to submit the full song, or if its chords, have the lyrics coinciding with the chords. Also, if the song already has multiple versions, that are highly rated, new tabs will be most likely corrected. Are you sure the existing ones are incorrect?
I think JN is correct. I believe I read once (possible when I signed up) that an entire song was preferred, not just the intro. I submitted a tab last night and it was in archived very quickly. I too would be interested in the exact rules and the voting process. Still haven't been able to locate them.
thanks for the info guys. the original posts were in the wrong key and many of the chords were incorrect, they also lacked the intro riff to the song. i tabbed/chorded the whole songs and included lyrics. though i did not have the lyrics in line with the chords, perhaps that is the problem. i'll try again. though it would be nice to have the preferred submission format so that there is some order to the whole thing.