new track recorded by me on a whim. no notes were plucked or strummed at all during this track. i hit the back of the guitar to get it ringing and then manipulated that sound with my boss ME-50. song is available in my band profile or download the torrent at this spot

track is free but please seed and distribute!!

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Criting as i listen

Your picture looks heavily influenced by three days grace - one X :P still kool though.

I really like the song, its mega ambient, :P kool for like an outro track or something, or a hidden track? very nice, sounds like a messed up radio transmitter or something! and its very well done! dunno if i could listen to it for 5 minutes

Like i said though if it was an outro track or something, and better quality recorded, damn itd suck me right in

Nice one, im rating it 5 stars even though i had 1 negative view on it. lol

man ive got to get a new logo to cause i thought i had something really good their. lol id never seen the album cover before that either.

course lot of that was experimental noodling at 2 AM so if i took the time (and i may) i could probably get a new recording of it, but i liked the fact that it was so random.plus i dont think i could ever really replicate it properly which i would be worried about getting it to sound right like i did it. so maybe if im daring some time ill try.
Very interesting.
I agree with it being a good intro/outro bit. maybe split it in half? or thirds and use a bit of it in the middle of another song?
It would be pretty cool to use this within the context of another song. or open/close a cd.
Though to be honest, it is a bit long for me to just sit down and listen to it straight through (unless im reviewing it!)

This is... weird o.O
Its cool, idk if its a song, but its definatly... weird.
The above posts are right, 5 minutes is a little long, it can be used as an intro/outro or even bgm for a song. Its kinda creepy too, REALLY creepy o.O
What were you thinking when you made it o.O

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You should always listen to this bird-man-woman-thing.

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What the fuck man!? That's SWEET

I think I might actually use that!

reminds me of EXP or And the God's Made Love... a bit excessively long I thought, but pretty cool. I like ambient and weird music, so I enjoyed it...I don't really have any suggestions since it is such an experimental piece, I don't know what I would suggest.

In response to your comment on mine, I didn't do any pitch altering on the vocals at all...I did amplify it using audacity because it was recorded kind of quietly. That may have changed its sound some, but its hard for me to judge how my voice sounds on a recording compared to how I hear it when I sing. Thanks for the crit.
to give everybody an idea what preompted this track you could give these things a listen

bai tian: anti-sound EP
errorcell project: lost in the golgi apparatus
peter aidu: piano phase

yeah ive been hanging out on archive

thanks for all the reviews, glad to see most views are positive about this. i know it is a bit long to, but not to long for a trance-y type thing like it is.

oh yeah its def not a song lol. at least not from a practical standpoint.
Let's do this.

Experimental noise is fun and all; hell, it's tempting, but the beauty of the genre is in the ability to express thought or emotion through such an avante garde medium. I'm just not convinced that you were expressing anything with this. That being said, you're making some cool ass sound.
Well I dont know how i can crit this without repeating whats already been said I also feel its too long. It kind of reminds me of the beginning of megalomaniac by incubus lol take that how you please. I like Incubus though lol. Other than that I dont know what to say I listened to "why she's gone" and i liked that haha anyways good luck with it

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