I'm looking for an upgrade and have roughly $500 to spend. I play a lot of Punk/Post Punk (Think Joy Division/Interpol tones) and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a bass in that price range.
I'd say a MIM Fender bass or a mid-range Ibanez, but there are a lot of options at $500.
The obvious choice would be a Fender standard precision bass.

My favourite in that price range would be an Ibanez ATK300 for punk/post punk, so you might want to check that out as well.
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Sounds redundant but a Fender Standard Precision bass would suit fine. Although don't forget to try out a Fender Jazz Bass.
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Go to your local music store and try evreything out, and see what you like to play, a p-bass might be perfect for the sound but you might hate playing it.
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Carlos D uses a Fender Jazz in drop d with a pick. I'd recommend a Fender standard Jazz Bass.
I second the ATK300, It's got the feel of a P-bass with the versatility of.. well It's got the versatility of an active bass with a 3 way selector switch...
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my used schecter that i bought 4 a grand but selling for 450-500

What Schecter did you buy for a grand? *Searches.*
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Quote by bassmastah5
my used schecter that i bought 4 a grand but selling for 450-500

You know their highest model sells for 800 right?

As for the bass, pretty much anything with Fender-style pickups can be used. The P-bass is very, very popular in punk, though a Jazz would do just fine, and I'm pretty sure the Offspring's bassist uses an ATK.

If I had to recommend one right now, I'd go for the figured Koa ATK750 that's on sale for $350 right now. The normal ATK750 sells for $700, and isn't as cool as this.
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Fender jazz.

no, really.
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After trying out some of the options you guys have given, I've decided to go with a Fender Jazz. Thanks for the help.