I own a Crate V-33, and on the clean channel the hiss is loud and annoying even when nothing is plugged in and the volume is all the way down, I don't think it's normal. People say to move it, cuz it might be the power source, I did, but I also noticed it wasn't the problem cuz the Overdrive channel is really nice and quiet. haha.

After doing some searching I found that some fixed this problem by replacing the pre-amp tube, with one of these, Groove Tube Gold Series GT-12AU7 Preamp Tube.

1. Do you all think that will fix the problem?

2. Can I replace it by myself?

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why does it matter that it hisses when theres nothing plugged into it? when do you have your amp on with the volume all the way down and nothing plugged in? in a scenario like that.... just turn it off
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well I meant "as well" sorry, it gets overwhelming when I actually crank it. So It's there all the time.