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Is it ok to put a bass through an electric guitar amp? How bout vice versa? How bout if you get one of those things where you can plug in two guitars in one amp, will you be able to plug in the bass and guitar? Does it sound like sh!t if it's possible? Also, does it matter if you put guitar effects through a bass? and vice versa.

My friend's gonna come over and he has sh!t amp so I wanted to get those things where you put in two guitars in one amp(someone tell me what this is NOW!), and plug my guitar and his bass.. Well to solve the problem to get different tones, we'll be using separate pedals ( don't know if this works so also answer this please lol)
Bass through guitar amp = bad.
Guitar through bass amp = not so harmful.
I thought about plugging 2 guitars into the same amp... I heard it was a bad idea.

It was just a few Google searches, but it said that plugging 2 guitars into the same amp could cause you to blow your amp.

I also heard 1 guitar will "override" the other one.

Here are some links:


Says you need a a 6. 5mm cable splitter... try Googling that.
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