now usually i'm good at writing but i can't think of a title. i got some music but i need lyrics and most of the time i have my own titles but lately i've been screwed. i really wanna add something with this music so if anyone has any like rock n roll titles. nothing sad or metal or any of that. something rock n roll like "Ramrod" or "Satisfaction" or "Cadillac Ranch". something cool like that. please help
you just witnessed the heart-stopping, door-locking, history makin, pants-droppin, earth-shakin, body quakin, lip-quivering, body-tickilin, love-makin fang
This is going to get closed.
But before it does, if you really don't know what to choose for a title, just pick a strong word from the actual song itself, or use the chorus as the title, since that's what most people does. A title doesn't have to be over the top, just something that would like, if people thought of a song, that song would be the first to come to their heads.
And honestly, if it's a good song, it won't matter how bad the title sucks, it will still be remembered :]