Today I tired raising my pickups abit on my Jag bass but whenever i turned the screws, they just turned.The pickups didnt actually come up.So basicly I unscrewed untill all the screws came out and the black casing came off so i could see the actual coils of the pickup. They are the pickups that came with the bass when i bought it.

To me it doesnt look very professional, but it this normal? I thought the casing would be attached. I thought that maybe the Jag i bought didnt come with the Fender Jazz pickups, like its supposed to.Maybe its just me but it doesent look right to me
the pickup cover is meant to be seperate yes.

that way you can replace it if it gets cracked/scratched and it is easier to acess the insides of your pickup if it breaks.

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Ah thanks. Spose it makes sense really.I was just worried it wasnt the right pickups that were supposed to come with the bass.Made me suspicous that there was no logo for example on the pickups