this is going to be long. its been pissing me off really bad. i need real help with it.
okay... i started playing guitar about 9 months ago... i got a practice amp and a epi sg.
i taught myself intirely... i got in a church band about 2 months ago.. but of coarse all they play is chord stuff. now i know every chord in the book. but i cannot play a single song thats not mainly chords.. im not satisfied with myself... i practice. i can play a bunch of main riffs for songs. i know have a fender mim tele.. it inspired me a little...
but i just need more inspiration. more like....determination.. i need to know practice techniques, songs for medium players(preferably in standard tuning.) and just overall moral support..
ive had this account for like 8 months. this is my first thread..
what exactly is stopping you from doing the aforementioned things
you know every single chord in every single postion all the way down the fretboard? wow your good :P im just messin around just look up a song you want to learn and practice it until you can play it thats all you really have to do good luck
go listen to some megadeth,slayer, and priest and you'll become enlightened, uh i mean inspired
im broke... lol. lessons are expensive kinda..
anybody have a medium song thats not particularly easy, or hard that helped them progress?
What sort of stuff do you like?

Its worth a mooch through Guitar & Bass basics - there are a few threads on beginner songs
yea.. i dont need beginner songs though... there.. boring.. i need like intermediate..
i can do the main cliche parts of sweet child of mine.. not the solo though...
i dont have a wah pedal to make it sound right
So go for the cliche - stairway to heaven.

And there are threads of intermediate/advanced tabs too

Other than that - AC/DC, Metallica, a lot of Opeth's clean stuff is pretty easy...or just search for tabs of stuff you like, some of it will be within your capabilities
i started by learning a lot of beatles songs, like across the universe. try coming up with your own stuff, but dont force yourdelf to make up something hard because it is hard. but just practice some beatles and maybe a little bloc party. oh and led zepellin is nice too
I don't really get what you want help with. You mean you can't play songs that have fingerpicking segments in it? Or you can't play songs that have only chords in it? And if you couldn't do chords, what did you do before the church? I don't know anything about electric guitars though so forgive me.

I know a great site which teaches you to play church songs. Some of the songs have fingerpicking in them, some just straight strumming. The chords can go up and down the frets too and they have different patterns. A great way to practice.

Tears in Heaven is a great contemporary song. Pure fingerness though.

I hear you. Lessons are very expensive and you're not guaranteed to get a decent teacher who knows his stuff.

When I'm bored or trying out a guitar, I just play a random string of chords and it sounds really good. It's also great to train my left hand because the chords are ordinary chords used in thousands of songs.
hate to be mean...but... most of that didnt help much
stairway to heaven is a freakishly long/complex song.
not hard. just complex. and im not in love with it.so its nt in my desire to learn it
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hate to be mean...but... most of that didnt help much
stairway to heaven is a freakishly long/complex song.
not hard. just complex. and im not in love with it.so its nt in my desire to learn it

The pick yourself a song you like....we can't tell you what you like. You don't need someone to tell you how easy or hard it's going to be, you can work that out for yourself. If you can't tell what's being played when you listen to the song then it's definitely too hard, likewise if the tab looks like a relief map of the Alps it's going to be too hard. You have a brain there, start using it.

Honesty, the only thing stopping you progressing is you own defeatist attitude.
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We all hit "road blocks" as far as progress goes and what inspires one person dosent always inspire another. "youtube" will help a lot. The only other advice is go back to Having FUN with the whole guitar playing "thing" and remember why you began playing in the first place.