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What are some bands you have just started to listen to, maybe in the past year or so?
For me it would be Taking back sunday, Hollywood undead, Mastodon, Living end and others
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Stereophonics, properly anyway.

a bit of Symphony X

tbh probably Buckethead as well, i dont think ive listened to his stuff for that long.
I started with Linkin Park and now Iam with Metallica, old guns n roses, iron maiden, whitesnake...

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Manchester Orchestra
Kaiser Chiefs
Kings of Leon
Minus the Bear
Against Me!

And a lot more I can't think of...

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Gov't Mule, Buckethead (more), idk
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tee hee i changed the shit out of my color scheme
senses fail
hollywood undead
all that remains
and all the sudden i like green day again first time in like 2 years
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You might not know all of these:

A Kid Hereafter in the Grinding Light (Danish grindcore-stuff)
Turboweekend (Danish synth rock)
Necrophagist and Monsters are among my newest.
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One of the best replies ever.

In the same thread

Do you love Arsis?
Children of Bodom, Hollywood Undead, 30H!3, Hit the Lights, Hot Hot Heat, Lamb of God..and others I can't remember.

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Hot Leg
the parlor mob
Emerse your soul in love

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Mercyful FAte
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Witch Hunt
Dissection (Check them out, awesome band)
Sabbat (Japanese black metal)
As I Lay Dying
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system of a down
bad religion
streetlight manifesto
arctic monkeys
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Judas Preist
Devil Driver
Killswitch Engage (already listened, but not for a long time)
Testament's newer stuff

Also, I dug out my City of Evil album by A7x which I haven't listened to in a couple years and I'm surprisingly enjoying it.
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Cynic and The Arusha Accord
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I recently downloaded the debut albums from Unearth and The Human Abstract.

I wasn't expecting much at first, but, now I can't stop listening to them
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Black Stone Cherry

This, since yesterday.

Also The Hives and Bruce Springsteen.
Coheed and Cambria
Kyuss, and i've absolutely fell in love with them
Gentle Giant
I can't belive i called myself a prog rock fan before i listened to these last 3 ahaha.
Racer X
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they are amazing, listen to them!!!
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Dream Theater
Stone Sour
Children of Bodom
Lamb of God
B.B King
Albert Lee
John Mayer
The Amity Affliction
In Fear And Faith
Attack! Attack!
Common sense is becoming such and uncommon trait.
emerosa, the devil wears prada, circa surivive, & anthony green's solo project
thrust moment
winds of plague
as legend has it
a breach on heaven
chelsea grin
destruction of a rose
the eyes of a traitor
here comes the kraken
house vs. hurricane
the ghost inside
salt the wound
shot down sun
in fear and faith
two minute silence
veil of maya
abigail williams

much more, cant be bothered to think of them all
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