because im probably gonna get banned for this...do not reply to this message.
long story short(dont rilli feel like typing) i hav porn passwords. i can get you into any site for a small fee of 10 dollars, email me at ... to prove to you that this is no scam, i can giv u sites of lesser quality for free, but for the good stuff u need to pay. do not email me if u think ur gonna get anything for free. once again my email is:

Quote by Necrosaber
People still pay for porn?


I know right. Porn's practically free now!
damn 09er's.....
What are you dense?
Are you retarded or something?
Who the hell do you think I am?
I'm the goddamn Batman.

April 19th, 2011: The Night of the Boob

sure i gonna trust someone named prohustler...
Did i eat too many?
did I jump in too fast?
how long's this shit last?
Everyone take off ya mask, I lost my grasp

Like weeds?
Quote by Necrosaber
People still pay for porn?

madness isnt it

and also, pay YOU to watch porn TS?