HEY! This is Mistar Lead Guitar! I have a few questions, and i hope to GOD somebody can answer. 1st of all, my guitar is messed up. For some reason, the strings buzz at the 4th and 9th frets, and, even with the action all the way up, continue to be a problem. 2nd, my amp is constantly giving off background buzzing and humming (guitar buzz was a real buzz, this is more like a static). Is there any way, besides purchasing a noise supressor, that can eliminate it, even if it's getting something else, cause i hate noise supressors. 3rdly, i just got a new Raven RG200, and the effects and tones are incredible, but the volume knob is touchy, and it wasnt that way at guitar center or at any of my gigs. My last question: is it possible that, for some reason, the appartment i live in is slowly destroying my equipment slowly, cause i always tend to get the crappy stuff...or at least it seems at my place. there's not much buzz anywhere else, and so far my house is the only place i've been able to get F#$&ING RADIO SIGNALS ON MY AMP!

*gasp* sometimes the frustration makes me want to do this to anyone who pisses me off. so please HELP ME!!!!!!
Try messing with your truss rod... look down from the headstock and check out the length of your fret board, if its bowing up loosen it and if its bowing back then get a fret redress. as for the buzz its probably the dirty electricity from your apt... try getting a high quality electrical splitter with some kinda of electricity filter to cut down on the noise...
I would not suggest "messing" with your truss rod as you could seriously damage your guitar, take it to a tech and have him set it up probably, it is either a warped neck or uneven frets.

As for the amp buzzing try voltage regulator of some sort, and radio signals are picked up by amps all the time it's nothing to worry about.

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This is tech/luthier stuff, not guitar forum.
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You need a set-up.

Take it to a nice, responsible tech or luthier and have them look at your guitar for you.