Right now I play an Ibanez rg that came with standerd emg stock pickups and I play a spider II line 6 but my problem Is i Dont get that great of tone for what I want to play I like to Play shred and my problem is when Im doing a sweep arppegios or fast picking or something or maybe hiting my floyd rose it just sound like crap. How should I set my amp to get better tone? More treble? More Bass? More Mid? More Drive? What is it?
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No offense, but I'm pretty sure Spider II's suck >.>

Your alot of help (lol)
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why do these threads keep appearing here???? This is a GEAR BUILDING & CUSTOMIZING forum.

also, with EMGs and a Spyder II, you're not going to get a lot of tone.

There is an Amp settings thread in GG&A. Ask there
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well still cant someone give me some help instead of saying emgs suck and that spider II suck thats it ug is starting to suck rearily do people actually answer your questions if you have one.
It helps to ask your question in the proper sub-forum. The GB&C is meant for customizing and building of gear. If you ask in the amp settings thread, you will get a few really good answers
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Have you tried turning the channel volume and the drive down? I got the same amp
blow up the f***in spider.

get a better amp. EMG's are meant to drive tube amps, not solid state (aka spider)

you are in the wrong section of the forum. dont be a piss ass about it, post in the right forum.
and i garuntee that you will always get the answer "get a new amp".

we answer your questions when they're in the right place.
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